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Paper Jewelry by Chihiro Furugen, Vivace

エレガントで美しいデザインの Paper Jewelry のブランドストーリーや概要を英訳させていただきました。海外からの問い合わせの対応や英語によるセールスサポートなども必要に応じて行っております。詳しくは、お問い合わせください。

Paper Jewelry by Chihiro Furugen, Vivace

Introducing a sensuous experience to your life with our accessory “Paper Jewelry”.

【Brand Story】

“Paper Jewelry” is the inspiration of a woman with metal allergy. "I want to wear accessories without the worry of the skin rash." Her idea became jewelry made by paper. A delicate lightly design like a kirigami (a paper cut out) makes you forget that you are wearing it. “Paper Jewelry began with a dream of a woman. For every women to “enjoy” being fashionable.

【What's Paper Jewelry】

Delicate and elegant sensuous accessory “Paper Jewelry” is incorporating the unique advantages of paper, A beautiful cut out design adorns the chest gorgeously.

The women's necklace is made of 100% paper, light enough to forget about wearing it. People who have metal allergies can wear it with confidence. It uses special paper which is water resistant and durable. It is strong against sweat and moisture, and can be worn repeatedly even when wet. It is A4 standard size with a package It is convenient for display at the sales floor, inventory management and distribution.

There are also earring designs that complement the necklaces.

“Pocket Chief” for men are also available and made of 100% paper. It can also be used as fashion item. It is a new paper item that can be used as a simple wallet by inserting bills and cards.

【Paper Necklace & Earrings】

A beautiful cut out design adorns gorgeously around the chest and makes you forget that you are wearing it. A sensuous experience of the lightness is also a charm of “Paper Jewelry”.

For everything from casual everyday use to formal wear with party dresses, you can enjoy it in many ways.

【Paper Pocket Chief】

It can be used as a simple wallet (money clip) by inserting bills, cards and etc. You can cut with scissors to adjust the size for your pocket.

【Paper Ring】

Paper ring can be used as fashion ring and also a piece of interior. It is made of a piece of paper and it becomes a three-dimensional ring by hooking the insertion.


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