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Hiromi Tsuha, Contemporary Artist

ESM Okinawa (Naoko Uchima) represents following artist. Please contact us if you have any inquiries about the work.


'の' to someone’s someone  (2016)

The corner stone of peace in Itoman City is inscribed with the names of more than 200,000 both from Japan and abroad who lost their lives during the Battle of Okinawa. Among them, there are inscriptions without names such as ‘ mother of ~ ‘ , ‘ father of~ ‘ and ‘ eldest  son of ~’ , suggesting that the Battle of Okinawa was such a fierce battle that even names couldn’t be recorded. We are also someone’s mother, eldest daughter, nephew, aunt, fourth son, grandchild. This work uses clothes donated by various people, such as grandparents, mothers, and friends’ families, to create ‘ の(no) ‘ that reflects relationships and the desire to communicate the importance of life to the future.

「の」 誰かの誰かへ (2016)

糸満市にある平和の礎には、国内外を問わず沖縄戦で命を落とした20万人余りの人々の名前が刻まれている。その中には、「~の母」「~の父」「~の長男」 というふうに氏名のない刻銘もあり、沖縄戦は名前の記録すら残らないほど激戦だったことがうかがえる。私たちも誰か「の」誰かである。母であったり、長女や甥、叔母、四男、孫である。この作品は、祖父や母、友人の家族など、いろいろな人から譲り受けた服を用いて、関係性を再確認するために「の」 をつくり、命の大切さを未来に繋げたいという思いを示した。

Hiromi Tsuha

Born in Okinawa in 1970, she moved to the UK in 1996 and lived there until 2019. She became interested in photography in her early artistic career. In 2006, she attained Masters in Printmaking at University of the Arts London. It was a prominent period of her art practice as during her studies, as she tested the boundaries of printmaking, expanding her ideas, discovering and manipulating different materials, particularly those found on a building site. This led her to unearth an interest in installations. Tsuha completed her masters with a distinction in 2007. The following year, she participated in ‘Wanakio2008 ‘, an art exhibition in Okinawa, using an abandoned house to create site-specific work. Since then, she has exhibited widely in Europe and Asia. She has also undertaken residencies in Lithuania, Mongolia, Thailand and Cambridge UK. In 2019, Tsuha returned to Japan and she is currently working at a nursery school conducting artistic work, which focuses in the joy of connecting with other countries, whilst fostering creativity. She has introduced artists from Mongolia, Greece, Taiwan, and Germany to the nursery's children through both online and live workshops.

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Tadaima / Wakamatsu yakuhin, Okinawa, Japan2017 Where is my food - residency project / Tentacles gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

365 - rearrangement / rougheryet gallery, Okinawa, Japan 2015 Twelve 12 / sksk studio Okinawa, Japan

relocation / MASS art studio, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia2011 Perfect place / an abandoned house, Okinawa, Japan2010 3rd house (photo installation) / Gallery point 1, Okinawa, Japan2009 This is London (photo exhibition) / Double Decker cafe, Okinawa, Japan

Mending home / Maejima art centre, Okinawa, Japan I want to stand up / Zspace, Okinawa, Japan

Group Exhibitions

2022 This has travelled though the night to you / millimeter project, London, UK 2021 Taiwan x Okinawa group show / Camp talganie, Okinawa, Japan

Soundscape Okinawa / AIO project, Itokazu ruined castle, Okinawa, Japan 2020 One minutes monitor project / Bangkok University Gallery, Thailand2019 Poetics of otherness / Pratt Instituto, New York, U.S.A2016 Mabuni peace project / camp talganie, Okinawa, Japan

Particular conditions / millimeter project, London, UK. Kyoto & Tokyo, Japan 2015 Note 1 show case / Negawa store, Okinawa, Japan2014 Tracing My Echo / Zweigstelle gallery, Berlin, Germany

Nuclear Art Talk / One year gallery, Taiwan2013 Tracing My Echo / Tettox gallery, Greece2011 Really / Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK 2011 Photo Ireland Festival / Mad art gallery, Dublin, Ireland 2010 Salon Art Prize / Mat Roberts Art, London ,UK

Exhibition at work / The National gallery London, UK2009 Unconscious memories / Skalyija cinema cafe, Vilnius Lithuania

Westminster Arts Open / SW1 gallery, London, UK2007 LAB07 / ICA, London, UK2006 Deptford X Open / APT gallery,London, UK2002 RIM - Japan & New Zealand artists show / Mafuji gallery, London, UK


2017 Tentacles art space, Bangkok, Thailand 2015 MASS art studio, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2011 Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK 2009 house studio, Vilnius, Lithuania


*Regarding Hiromi Tsuha’s work, You can find more images here.


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