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Seiyu Shiroma, Painter, Artist

ESM Okinawa (Naoko Uchima) represents following artist. Please contact us if you have any inquiries about their work.

Seiyu Shiroma


Born in Naha City, Okinawa in 1963. Graduated from the Graphic Design Department at Tokyo Designer Gakuin in 1983. Shiroma was greatly influenced by the rich nature of Nishihara-town in Okinawa where he spent his youth and established his style as an artist.

His way of working is best described by "絵楽 Egaku”, a phrase coined by Shiroma himself which stands for a humorous approach towards drawing, a way of creating art works in which the joyful of process of drawing is central to the concept.

Since 2015, he has been expanding the range of activities as an artist and picture book creater. Also he is a Managing Director of the advertising production office, Cooper Design Room.

Solo Exhibitions

2019.12 "Transparent Time, Opaque Time" , Gallery ATOS, Okinawa, Japan

2019.09 “Seiyu Shiroma, World of Art”, Yuimui museum shop, Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan

2019.06 Picture Book Launch Exhibition “The transfer student, Uturu-san”, Gallery Premier, Okinawa, Japan


1984 2nd JACA Exhibition of Japanese Illustration, Special Award (Selected for Rome Exhibition)

1986 6th Shogakukan Picture for children Award, Newcomer Award (Grand Prize)

1987 8th Kodansha Picture for children Award, Grand Prize (Kodansha Children's Bureau Award)

1990 15th Shueisha Weekly Young Jump Award, Golden Bear Award (Grand Prize)

1990 42nd Okiten Okinawa Art Exhibition, Design Category, Okiten Award (Grand Prize)

1993 4th Ryuseki Art Award Exhibition, Grand Prize

1997 12th Yuzawaya Creative Grand Prize Exhibition, Painting Category, Grand Prize

1999 15th Tama Integrated Art Exhibition, Asahi Shimbun Award

2004 1st SVA International Picture Book Competition, Grand Prize

2011 13th Honey Bee Children’s Story and Picture Book Competition, Best Picture Book Award

2018 38th Okinawa Times Publishing Culture Award, Children's book category Award, “Farting Mongoose”

2018 52nd Okinawa Times Art Award, Encouragement Award


1997 “Kuwagata Dokodoko (Stag Beetle, where have you gone?)" published by Iwasaki Shoten

* Selected as a recommended book for extra-curricular activities in seven prefectures in Japan

2013 “King’s Castle” published by Rankasha (Formerly known as Sailor)

* Adopted as a story-telling program on "Tokyo FM" radio station

* 2016 recommended picturebook, Okinawa Prefecture

2016 “I love singing♪ Mimikujira Ear Whales (Okinawan language expression for deaf)” Published by Okinawa Times

* From newspaper series “Reading story theatre" episode 7 by Okinawa Times Children's newspaper "Wallaby" (2015)

* 2017 recommended picturebook, Okinawa Prefecture

* Adopted by JTA (Japan Transocean Air) as an in-flight picture book (since 2016)

2017 “Farting Mongoose” published by Okinawa Times

* From newspaper series "Reading story theatre" episode 18 by Okinawa Times Children's newspaper "Wallaby" (2016)

2019 “Transfer student, Uturu-san” published by Okinawa Times

* From newspaper series “Reading story theatre" Okinawa Times Children's Newspaper “Wallaby” (2016)

* Nominated for the Okinawa Bookstore Award, Picture Book category in 2020

Government Projects

2016.03 "Let's travel around Okinawa by bus - We are bus riders party”, Mural at Prefectural square in front of Okinawa Prefectural Government Office

2018.02 "Naha souvenir" Character design and production for Naha city, Naha City New Product Development Support Project

2018 “Seiyu Shiroma Exhibition” and “Reading story theatre” serialized in “Okinawa Times Children News Wallaby”, Touring exhibition of panels and original paintings at 16 libraries, Okinawa Public Library Liaison Council Co-sponsored Project

*You can find more information here in Japanese.

Seiyu Shiroma

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