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Thank you for coming to Mittman at Ricca Ricca Festa

りっかりっかフェスタ「ミットマン」公演にお越しいただいた皆様、ありがとうございました。フランクフルトのJapanese Film Festival Nippon ConnectionのMartin Bregenzerさんや沖縄dドイツ協会(ドイツ連邦共和国 名誉領事)のTill Weberさんにも好評でした。

その他にも、台湾、中国、オーストラリア、シンガーポールから高い関心が寄せられ、10月の沖縄県/沖縄県文化振興会主催のShip of the Ryukyu(沖縄芸能マグネットコンテンツ)での公演も予定しております。以下、ご覧になった方からコメントをいただきました。

"Great show! My 14-year old son and I liked it a lot. Great sense of humour and fantastic movements reminiscent of Okinawa´s traditional karate. Works almost without word!" (Prof. Till Weber, University of the Ryukyus)

"I saw the show in Naha and liked it a lot! The kids in the audience loved it and I can easily see why - also for us adults, it was entertaining and funny. I hope this show goes on to a lot more places. It deserves to be seen by many people!"

(Martin Bregenzer, Japanese Film Festival Nippon Connection)

"Mittman was a really enjoyable show for me. It's suitable for all ages and is just the right length for a very young audience. The four actors were all brilliant and kept everyone entertained with their lively performance, action and comedy. This is a show I would recommend to everyone." (John Potter, Music Journalist)


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