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Five fingers, open toe socks
Received the Good Design Award 2014 

- Put it on, feels like being barefoot-

Karabisa socks were developed as high-performance "outer socks". Karabisa means barefoot in Okinawa's language. It is a new style of socks (footwear) born in Okinawa and strongly rooted in the island’s yearlong sandal culture. Karabisa Socks are designed for Okinawa's climate and reflect various motifs of Okinawa’s nature with coloring and knitting.

1. They fit well with sandals
2. They’re comfortable without steaming
3. They’re fashionable
4. They’re made in Japan

- In winter, you can wear them with normal socks as layered style to keep your feet warm. You can also enjoy the style of layered socks as new fashion.

- Using natural antimicrobial and deodorization processed string “Ronfresh", they reduce sweatiness and stickiness in the humidity of summer.

- They are slip-resistant on flooring because the fingertip comes out. Therefore, they are popular for indoor exercise such as yoga.

- It is a high quality Japanese product which is designed in Okinawa, co-developed with a factory in Tokushima with special skills.

Short /Uruma Mix

SKU: 364115376135191
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