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Ryoki Midorima Ballet Performance "TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.4"

Ryoki Midirima Tokoiriya

ESM Okinawa will be promoting Ryoki Midorima Ballet Performance "TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.4" in Shibuya, Tokyo. It is the 72nd (H29) participatory performance from the National Arts Festival by the Agency for Cultural Affairs!!


The long-awaited performance of Ryoki Midorima is scheduled on Friday, October 20th, 2017 in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo!

--RE BORN -Bolero-

The aim of the performance is an art which sublimed ballet and dance performance with full of "truth, virture, beauty, and love" --

Ryoki Midorima, an Okinawa-born ballet artist and the representative of TOKOIRIYA Society Association (located in Taito-ku, Tokyo), presents "TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.4 Tokyo Performance" on October 20th, 2017 at Shibuya Cultural Center, Owada Sakura Hall.


"TOKORIYA project" is composed by Ryoki Midorima and it continues pursuing new art of dance performance with shared views of "truth, virtue, beauty and love" which is commonly found among Western ballet and Oriental dance such as Ryukyu dance, Japanese shrine maidens dance and Kannon (the goddess of Mercy) dance. This project aims to share these theatrical art forms from Okinawa to all over Japan and worldwide.

"TOKOIRIYA" premiered at Tokyo "Za Koenji" in May 2015 and the second performance was held in Okinawa's Natural Cave "Valley of Gangala" in January 2016. It made a huge success and received rapturous responses the impromptu performance was made in June same year. The performance was fully supported by the Okinawan local TV station Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation.

"RE BORN ~ Boléro ~" (Ravel) was shown at the 3rd performance of the project. It was an original fusion of Western and Oriental style of dance called "Kannon dance of Mika Yanagimoto and ballet of Ryoki Midorima" and it created a brilliant new art form. It broke up existing stereotypes, then brought amazement and made great impression on the audience. This unique dance collaboration was born with this tune.

Soon they will be performing for the first time in two years at Shibuya, center of Tokyo and will bring ingenious view of the world. Their performance was inspired by the majestic nature of Okinawa and born in the natural cave. Please come to watch how it evolved in metropolitan venue of Shibuya in Tokyo.

【Main programs】

The main themes of performance are "prayer" and "start" as roots of dance and its motivation, there will be variations on these themes from various aspects. Performances will be a number of Ryoki Midorima’s choreography works including "RE BORN" ~ Boléro ~" (Ravel) further evolved theatre version, " Lumières de l’Est " and "I suz U" etc.


Event name: "TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.4" Tokyo performance

Date and time: October 20, 2017 (Fri) , Door opens at 18:00, Starts at 18:30

Venue: Shibuya Cultural Center, Owada Sakura Hall

(4th floor, 23-21 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Price: *All reserved seats

S seat 15,000 yen (Limited special seats, comes with a visual book of "Created by momoto × Tokoiriya" and other benefits available)

A seat 12,000 yen (reserved seats, in front of the auditorium)

B seat 10,000 yen (reserved seats)

C seat 7,000 yen (reserved seats, second floor)

Ticket Booking: Ryoki Midorima Official Website (

E + (eplus) (

Casts: Ryoki Midorima / Namiho Maeda / Mayu Uesugi / Mika Yanagimoto / Ayami Oki / Yuya Heshiki / Noriko Inukai / Makoto Kawamitsu and others

Organised by : TOKOIRIYA Society Association

Contact: Naoko Uchima TEL: 080-3957-1656 Mail:


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